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Cool Grey Werewolf

$300.00 / Sold Out

While they may not be the friendliest of the homemade horrors, the werewolves certainly have a presence. Pet owners should be careful when introducing a new werewolf, as they tend to be highly territorial, and should be crated at night so they don't keep their neighbors up with their howling.

Standing over 18.5" tall when comfortably posed (taller when they're howling of course) with an arm span only an inch shorter, Werewolves are quite large. Their heads, hands and feet are all cast in durable resin from our original sculpts, then hand-painted to match their pelts, and sealed with a protective coating. Their body is sewn from our made-from-scratch pattern with heavy duty thread using vegan friendly faux fur.

As with all homemade horrors, no two are ever exactly alike. This fella can be on his way in five to seven business days. Please note that shipping does not include tracking, but is free within Canada.

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