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Sparkle Lavender & Manticore

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We want to warn anyone thinking of buying from one of those mail-away ads in the back of magazines from the 50′s… maybe just stick with amazon. Sure, the sea monkeys SOUNDED great, but its become abundantly clear these are not sea monkeys.

For starters, we can’t get them anywhere near water. Secondly, I’m pretty sure sea monkeys aren’t supposed to follow you around yelling half-baked riddles at you and demanding an answer (and woe betide you if you answer incorrectly; one of them ripped the hem right out of my new pants the last time that happened).
“What time is purple?”
“What do you get when you stand on three legs… Thursday?”
“How many potatoes?”

Guys, these are not riddles. They’re like amazon reviews written by bots.
I’ve had it with the giggling, shrieking, stinging, say nothing of the ‘oh hey, did you not want us to put those socks in the toilet?’ stuff.

My best guess is that these are actually manticores, but they’ve gotta be cubs since they’re basically puppy sized. They’re fully articulated from head to stingy bit, with cast resin details from our original sculpts. They're hand painted to match their pelts, and sewn using vegan friendly faux fur and felt.
They stand about 5" at the shoulder on all fours, or 10" on their hind feet.

This one in particular features a combination of colours and furs which I love, because... they're all sparkly. The short lavender side has golden tinsel flecks, and the gold-tipped white is slightly iridescent. And if that weren't enough, the purple felt on both this manticore's wings and tail is also glitter-infused. Sorry, not sorry.

As always, manticores are handmade and no two are ever exactly alike. Please note that shipping outside of Canada does not include tracking. This charming little beast can be on its way to you in five to seven business days.

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