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Werecat - Bengal Tiger

$300.00 / Sold Out

Given our love of werewolves, it was more or less inevitable that we'd eventually need to explore other anthro critters. The werecat seemed a natural progression!

Each werecat is approximately 14" tall standing upright, with a 13.5" armspan. They're completely poseable, with a realistic range of movement that doesn't rely on wires which over time will fatigue. He can stand, sit, prowl about on all fours, hold small objects, crouch and stretch out to sun himself like a true big cat.

Their heads, hands and feet are cast resin from our original sculpts that are hand-painted & sealed. Werecat pelts are veggie friendly, made of high quality faux furs.

For our first werecat, we went with an iconic bengal tiger motif. This is one of my favorite furs, a true natural tiger with slightly inside striping and a soft sheen that goes perfectly with a creamy white underbelly.

This regal looking beast can be on its way in five to seven business days. Please note that shipping does not include tracking in an effort to keep costs down. Shipping within Canada is free.

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