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Baboon Voodoo Blank Cast Sets (DIY)

$40.00 / Sold Out

Among the critters we're retiring in 2020 are the baboon voodoos - these guys are intended as pieces on a soft body, but could be armatured with wire as well! There are five sets available all bone coloured, and each one includes a head, two clawed hands, and two feet.

These are rough casts straight out of the mold, and apart from having any pinholes filled, will require seam-clean up and possibly some dremeling before painting. We recommend giving them a quick wash with warm water and a little dish soap to remove any residual mold release before painting. Either acrylic or enamel paints will work well.
Since there was some confusion with the blank sneks, this does not include patterns, fur, stuffing, wire or any other components; just the 5 cast pieces.

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