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Pastel Riot Baby Scugog

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While it hasn’t been a particular warm spring, we figured the fact our Scugogs seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time in the pond just meant they were overheating a bit. Turns out, that’s step in one the ‘how to make baby scugogs’ handbook. If there is a handbook. There probably isn’t.

So after realizing most tadpoles don’t have horns, we fished out the largest of the hatchlings (probably also for the best, since the ducks seem to bully ‘em). They’re acclimatizing fairly well to land, but seem at least semi-aquatic still at this stage, what with the finned tail, and webbed toes. I can’t be totally sure at this point but it seems like they’re starting to grow toe scales too under that fur.

At any rate, they’re definitely apt to eat just about anything at this stage: the corners of the couch were not immune, and it looks from the damage like they’re getting teeth to go with those stubby claws. I’d recommend ‘gog-proofing an area for ‘em if you have particularly expensive furniture. Also, be prepared for your bathtub to be occupied, frequently. I’m not sure what’s worse, the chewing on furniture, or the fact they drag their soggy little butts all over the carpet.

These guys in case you missed it, are our Scugog hatchlings. They’re a limited edition, this is only the 7th we've made.

We've done this one in a pastel scheme, featuring a wild side fur that is pink, blue, white and purple with some teal and flower print if you can believe it, with a blue tipped white neck ruff. Their scaling is JUST coming in; you can see the beginning of it on his throat in mint and baby blue. They're roughly 17” long from nose tip to tail, and about 6” tall at the shoulder. Standing on their hind legs, they're about 12” tall (taller if he’s looking up), and they are a chunky lil beast.

As always, this guy has a realistic range of motion that means he can sit, stand (on all fours or his hinds), hold things, roll over, and eat your houseplants. He features ball and socket armature, so he can be posed and reposed without the worry of wire fatigue, and holds a pose beautifully. He’s hand painted to match his faux fur pelt, right down to his eyes, then sealed for durability.

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