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Barbary Whelp Pre-Order

$350.00 / Sold Out

Barbary Whelps were one of our earliest dragons and one of the most popular! But as time moved on and our skills grew, they were retired along with the larger Barbary Drakes. Now both of them are back!
Whelps are available to anyone who's daring enough to take on a pint sized dragon who's greatest joy in life in chewing holes in your socks and knocking your coffee off the table.

Barbary whelps are fully articulated using ball and socket armature, to give em a full range of realistic movement. They can sit, stand, lounge around like an overfed lizard (which arguably, they are...), hold small items or curl up into a ball. They stand roughly 8.5" on all fours, with a length of between 17 and 18" from snout to tail tip dependent on fur lengths, with a wingspan around 9".

The Nitty Gritty:
This is a pre-order, not a listing for a finished doll.

We're offering a full 10 possible colour schemes for order. Each pelt will be the same within those colour schemes, with a unique paint job. Eye colour will be your choice; please put your selection in the notes at time of purchase. Please note, in order to keep the cost reasonable, these are not customs, and you will not be able to dictate the paint job/add modifications outside of eye colour. Snow on Spruce is a Patreon Exclusive colour scheme - the code to order Snow on Spruce is posted in our patreon.

Pre-orders will be open until at least September 15th. If we reach our order cap by the 15th, orders will close. If not, they'll remain available until that point.
Production will be in small colour batches, beginning September 12th.

We'll be fitting these guys in around our regular schedule, so there's no hard and fast timeline on when they'll all be finished. Please do not purchase a whelp if you have a firm deadline in mind!

Production can be followed on our Whelp and Drake trello. https://trello.com/b/2DCwlDYm/drakes-and-whelps

Please note that base shipping does not include tracking. To upgrade, please add the tracked shipping listing to your cart prior to checkout. Whelps will be shipped in batches as completed. If your address changes prior to your order shipping, be sure to email us with your original order number.

Please ensure you have read our Terms of Service and FAQ before ordering!