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Bears are one of our natural casts, inspired by our native Canadian wildlife... and our personal affinity for all chubby, grumpy and food loving critters.

These two bears are handmade, with cast resin heads and feet from our original sculpts. Both are hand painted right down to the eyes, then sealed. They're sewn using vegan friendly faux furs (they're also super soft!), and jointed without the use of wire for a realistic range of motion without the worry of fragility.
Both can be posed in just about any way you could think a bear might; I wish I had a tiny trash can to pose 'em getting into. Both stand roughly 7" tall at the withers on all fours, and are about 15" long from snoot to toot.

This listing includes a traditional black bear, and a blonde grizzly. Both are equally soft and squishable!

As homemade horrors are all handmade, no two are ever exactly alike. Please note that base shipping does not include tracking, but we're happy to upgrade them to tracked for you for an additional fee (please email at wormsandbones@gmail.com with your order number for this option). One per person please!

Please ensure you have read our Terms of Service and FAQ before ordering!