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Eusmilus Sicarius

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These guys are sculpted referencing several different skeletons, both eusmilius sicarius, and other closely related nimravids.

Each are roughly 6" tall standing on four legs and a full 16" long from snout to tail. They're assembled using a ball and socket armature for a realistic range of movement, and durability. This stuff means not only can they be posed and reposed without worrying about breakage, but they'll also be easy to reposition while also holding that pose. Both their heads and paws are cast in sturdy urethane resin from our original sculpts, then hand painted and sealed. They're sewn from high quality faux fur. This pride includes a tarpit specimen done in chocolate-spot with a white belly, a super-soft tan-spot, and a UV reactive purple (fluoresces under blacklight) with an incredibly shiny black pelt.

Eusmilus Sicarius was similar in size to the modern leopard, though longer through the torso and shorter limbed. Though considered a 'false saber' by paleontologists, its specialized jaw allowed its mouth to open at an amazing 90 degree angle.

Please note that as each homemade horror is handmade, no two will ever be exactly alike. One of these fine fossil fellows will be ready to ship out in five to seven business days. Please note, shipping does not include tracking.

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