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Frilled Sea Monsters

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Just down the road a ways is our neighbourhood witch. Now, when I say witch you're probably thinking pointy hat and broomstick, and you're at least partially right. The pointy hat only comes out for special occasions though, and the broom is most often used for chasing squirrels out of her flowerbeds.

At any rate, she's a lovely lady who's always happy to help in a pinch (she was the one who figured out a little circle of salt was the best way to contain a voodoo's more destructive impulses for instance!) so we are pleased to be able to give her a hand this time around. You see, Edith has a fish pond. But until she called, we didn't realize it isn't stocked with fish. I guess koi are a step down for a witch, because Edith's fishpond, is full of these things. And they apparently multiplied over the winter, so we're hoping to find them homes with ""fish"" ponds of their own.

She calls them sea monsters, but they're obviously happy enough in freshwater. And while we have no idea how big they're going to get, right now they're roughly 2' long, with about an 18' span between pectoral fins. Edith says they're great for eating aquatic bugs and mosquito larva, but they will also nibble on a fish if its in range, so probably not good to introduce 'em to your goldfish.

As always, these guys are handmade from fluke to fin with cast resin heads from our original sculpts. Each frilled sea monster is hand painted and sealed, then assembled using ball and socket joints for a realistic range of movement. They can stand on their fins, balance upright on their tails, hold small objects and hang from your shower curtain rail if you need someone to hold the loofah (kidding - they'd probably eat it). Their pelts are vegan friendly faux fur, with heavy duty felt fins and flukes.

This tangle includes:
Arcade - Purple, Yellow, Orange
Sea Glass - Various Blues, Mint
Vamp - Black, Red, Crimson
Pink Lemonade - Pink, Butter, White
Squash Bee - Tan, Yellow/Orange, White, Brown
Navy Leopard - Navy Spot, Black, Sparkle-Black

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