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Calico & Violet Tiger Gryphons

$400.00 / Sold Out

One of the creatures Bones grew up doodling constantly were gryphons. They'd be on any available scrap of paper, the edges of class notes, and any unprotected binder. We've been meaning to make a big one since we started designing the baby gryphon, and while its been a long road we feel the results were worth the work.

The adult gryphon is a hefty beast, at 22.5" long, and standing roughly 9" on all fours. They boast an impressive 17" wingspan, and can pose just about any way you'd imagine a real gryphon posing.

Each is assembled using ball and socket joints for a realistic range of movement without the fragility of wire, with cast resin heads and feet from our original sculpts. Every gryphon is hand painted to match their faux fur and heavy felt body, then sealed for durability.
One of these majestic creature can be on its way in five to seven business days. Please note that shipping does not include tracking, but can be added for an addition cost. Shipping within Canada is free.

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