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Highland Unicorns

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Any cryptologist worth their salt knows about pygmy unicorns. Honestly, they’re not even that hard to find if you know where to look (that business about using ‘fair maidens’ as bait? Baloney. Total baloney. You get much better results with a sack of whole oats). Not that we’re in the right hemisphere for those - or so we thought. Honestly I thought I was just feeding the squirrels. Turns out there MAY be a subspecies?

They’re still diminutive in stature for a unicorn at roughly 12″ long, and 8″ tall, but they’re definitely well adapted to a northern climate, with a heavy fur coat. Their ears are huge, and we can only assume that has something to do with bein’ no more than a mouthful for everything from hawks to foxes.

These guys have a realistic range of movement, and can be posed just about any old way you can envision. They can sit, stand, lie down, stretch out or curl up, rear, prance and sass you from a variety of angles. Highland unicorn heads and hooves are cast resin from our original sculpts, hand painted and sealed. Their bodies are sewn from high quality faux fur (unicorns are appropriately veggie friendly), and assembled usin’ ball n’ socket joints.

Like any homemade horror, they're handmade so no two will be exactly alike. One of these pygmy hoofers can be on its way in five to seven business days. Please note that shipping does not include tracking in an effort to keep shipping costs down. Highland unicorns ship free worldwide this month!

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