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Anthro Horses

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Does anyone ever really grow out of being a horse-kid? I think the best we managed was to suppress it through our late teens, only to have it crop up again in college. Anyway, a horse anthro was something we wanted to do for a long time. Given how tricky their anatomy can be, this pattern was one that involved a fair amount of finessing, in equal parts with cussing but we're happy with the result!

Horses stand 18" tall posed standing comfortably, with an equal 18" armspan from fingertip to fingertip. Their heads hands and hooves are all cast in durable resin from our original sculpts, and hand painted to match their faux fur bodies. Their manes & tails are made from a combination of faux fur & synthetic hair and can be brushed and styled.
They have a realistic range of movement without the use of wire, and can stand, sit, lie down, assume the 'draw me like one of your french trotters' pose, hold small objects, do push-ups and even balance on one hoof.

Available currently are either the classic black shire with high whites and blue eyes, or the palomino with teal accents (who can if you like come with his board shorts & seashell necklace).

One of these heavenly hoofers can be on their way in five to seven business days. Please note that shipping listed does not include tracking. To upgrade to tracked for an additional cost, please email us with your order number.
If you miss out, horses will be going on the list of critters available for custom order before the next waitlist slots open!

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