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Voodoo Hyenas

$225.00 / Sold Out

Another addition to the ever expanding voodoo line, the hyena voodoo!Their skeletal bits and bobs are modeled after Crocuta crocuta, and are cast resin from our original sculpts. Each one is hand painted, and assembled using ball and socket joints that give 'em a realistic range of motion.

They can sit, stand, preen, pee on things, eat your KFC bones, lay down, roll over and most importantly, strut. At roughly 16" long and 8" tall at the shoulder they're fairly sizable beasties. This listing is for one of these three majestic beasts.

As with all our homemade horrors, no two are ever exactly alike. One of these bone-crunching beasties can be on their way within five to seven business days of purchase. Please note that shipping does not include a tracking.

Please ensure you have read our Terms of Service and FAQ before ordering!