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Hyena or gnoll? Either way, they're is happy to help you ...out of your valuables. Look at those perfectly trustworthy grins! You should absolutely give 'em your debit card pin number, you know, just in case! (Please never do this. I wouldn't trust 'em if they told me Wednesday was comin' on a Tuesday night.)

Each hyena is approximately 15" tall standing upright, with a gangly 17" arm span. They're completely poseable, with a realistic range of movement without the use of wire. They can stand, sit, crouch, lie down, hold small items, and even sit cross legged if you're into that whole yoga thing.

Their heads, hands and feet are cast resin from our original sculpts, then painted by hand to match their faux fur body.

This listing features two natural yeens; spotted & striped, and one navy blue spot with a black belly just for fur. Please note that the navy is made using a larger set of hands than the spotted & striped.

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