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Mothman is a classic Cryptid, and one of our favourites! Our OG Mothman took a cross country road trip with us all the way to the Official Mothman Museum in West Virginia.

This colourful eclipse of Moths aren't quite so well traveled yet, but if you're lucky, they could be winging their way home to you! :)

Each moth stands 18 inches tall, with a 22 inch wingspan.

This listing includes:

5 Classic Black Moths
3 Ghost moths ( white fur/felt, two with grey skin accents and one with pink)
2 Death's Head Moths
1 Haint Blue Moth (Blue and black with translucent face/hands)
1 Gold Dust Moth (Black and gold with translucent gold face)
1 Rosy Maple Moth (Pinks and Yellows)

*We will be out of the studio this week due to Worm's year-end horse show, so these Moth's will ship after October 1st.

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