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My mistake for thinking the Nevermores couldn't actually be making nests out of anything more than boredom. Low and behold, not only were there eggs, but one actually hatched. Not that these guy are winning any beauty contests... but anyway, they're roughly half the size of our full grown Nevermores at about 7" tall.

Neverlesses are made by hand using vegan friendly faux fur, heavy felt and cast resin pieces from our original sculpts. They're hand-painted, and assembled using ball and socket joints that give them a good range of movement and give 'em some serious durability! There's no wire in these fellas. Just a whole lot of...bad attitude. Totally poseable, nice and durable, with tolerably evil personalities. If we can get them tamed down a bit, they'll hopefully be less squawky.

As all our homemade horrors are handmade, no two are ever exactly alike. One of these fluffy bundles of reanimated charm can be on his way in five to seven business days. Please note, shipping does not include tracking.

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