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Probably not the sort of thing Edgar Allen had in mind originally, we call these fellas Nevermores.... for reasons that are probably obvious. They're roughly 7.5" tall standing comfortably, roughly 1 foot from beak to tail tip (longer if you stretch their neck out) with a 13" wingspan longest primary feather to primary feather.

The perfect solution for those avian fans who have trouble remembering to change the cage paper, they're easy on the food bill too. Made with ball joints that give 'em a realistic range of movement and serious durability, they can sit, stand, do a little dance, karate kick, preen, hunch and look mischievous from an endless number of angles. Their head and feet are cast in resin from our original sculpts, then hand painted and sealed, and assembled with vegan-friendly faux fur pelts.

These guy would make a great addition to any appropriately macabre cosplay!
As all our homemade horrors are handmade, no two are ever exactly alike. One of these fine feathered fellows can be on their way in five to seven business days - please note, shipping outside does not include tracking.
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