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Owl Gryphon Kittens

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If the early-riser schedule of a regular gryphon isn't for you, an owl gryphon kitten might be a better bet. Naturally nocturnal, they like a quiet, dark nesting spot they can retreat to during the day and have excellent night vision (useful for retrieving your lost contact, or earring). Downside? They might not be that... bright. Don't get me wrong, they seem very companionable, but if you're looking for a familiar that can do your taxes, or help you with a crossword... keep looking.

Each one's poseable from the tip of their beaks to the stubs of their tails without the use of wire. Their resin head and feet are cast from our original sculpt, and as always, they're hand painted & sealed, right down to their big eyes.
Gryphon kittens are roughly 10" long, and about 5-6" tall, and sewn with veggie friendly faux furs with stubby soft felt wings.

This listing includes the following kits:
Grey Jay (grey, white & black)
Ptarmigan (white, black with red facial markings)
Fairy Wren (navy blue, tan, light blue)
Sugar Plum (purple & lavender)
Barn Owl (tans & cream)

As always, because homemade horrors are handmade, no two are ever exactly alike.
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Happy Holidays!

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