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Earlier this spring, we installed a hummingbird feeder, in the hopes of getting to see more of the local hummer population. Imagine our surprise when this... horned, cervine-looking thing with wings started showing up, and sucking the feeder dry.

Thus far we haven't been able to ascertain much about Perytons, other than they have a penchant for sugar, and in the absence of that seem to prefer flowering plants. Seriously, my gardens are a wreck thanks to these guys. They appear fairly timid, with an aversion to loud noises and rain. They hate the rain. On rainy days, you can find them hanging upside down from branches, their wings pulled around themselves like a poncho.

Perytons are approximately 28" long from nose to tail, with a 16" wingspan. They're the perfect size to coil around your neck, banister, bed post or bag strap, and feature articulated, layered felt wings. Each head is cast from our original sculpt in resin, hand painted and sealed.

As each one is handmade, no two are ever exactly alike. One of these dramatic beasties can be on its way in five to seven business days. Please note that base shipping does not include tracking. To upgrade to tracked shipping for an additional cost, please email us - wormsandbones@gmail.com
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