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Resin Blanks - Lawrence & Thinbone

$15.00 / Sold Out

We found the molds! We didn't expect they'd have any life left, but there was just enough mold left for a short run of Lawrences (birb) and Thinbones (kitten).

This listing is for a resin blank version, intended for painting with either acrylics or enamels. Its recommended you give your cast a quick bath in some soapy water (dish soap works great), then let dry before painting to remove any mold release residue.

Thinbone the kitten is about 2” long and 1.25” tall he's a bit of a shortie. Thinbone is available in bone, or light grey.

Lawrence is roughly 2.75" long from beak to tail tip, and about 1.5" high. They're's available in three shades; bone, light grey or dark grey.

Please note that the finished piece is presented as an example only - this listing is for a blank paint your own. Orders ships out in five to seven business days, and do not include tracking. Shipping within Canada is free.

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