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Resin Blanks - Church

$25.00 / Sold Out

The mold lives! At least enough to get a few more of these guys out.

Church blanks are cast resin from our original sculpt and stand just under 3" tall. They're about 2" across at their widest point, and cast in either bone, light grey, or dark grey. These guys are intended to be painted, and work well with either acrylics, or enamel paints.
Just be sure and give your church a bath in some warm soapy water (dish soap works well), then let dry after rinsing thoroughly before painting. This just removes any lingering mold release.

Please note the painted Church is shown just as an example - this listing is for a blank.

Churches ship in five to seven business days, and do not include tracking but ship free inside Canada.

Please ensure you have read our Terms of Service and FAQ before ordering!