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Retired Snek Head Blanks

$15.00 / Sold Out

These overpours are the last mayans, antlered, and long nosed snek heads we have and since we're not going to be using them, we're offering them up to anyone who wants to do a little DIY.

These are rough casts, and may need some seam clean-up, but have had any small bubbles filled. Before painting, we recommend giving them a short bath in warm water with a little dishsoap, just to remove any residual mold release. Rinse, then allow to dry before painting with either acrylics, or enamels. They can be sealed afterwards with any water-based varnish, or spray (we recommend mr. superclear). If your intention is to paint the head a colour that's wildly different from the cast, we recommend using a primer (white or black) depending on whether you're going dark, or light.

Each head will come with a set of eyes in your choice of colour. Please add what colour eyes you would like in the notes section at checkout. If you do not specify an eye colour, we'll provide a colour for you. These aren't kits and do not include fur, stuffing, wire etc., just the heads to do with as you choose.

Please ensure you have read our Terms of Service and FAQ before ordering!