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Rune Dragon "Lockbreaker"

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With Barbary Drakes being retired, we wanted to turn our hand to a different dragon species that would be equally impressive, but very obviously different. While we had quite a few different ideas, Rune dragons were the one we chose.

Little is currently known about rune dragons, save a few key facts. They're well adapted for cold climates, with thick, dense fur, wide nostrils and small ears. Its thought that their four wings are used to provide extra surface area when they sun themselves, as they're not often observed in flight. Rune dragons are capable of extended periods of hibernation, although the exact cycle is not clear. They may hibernate not for months but years, preferring to hole up in caves and ice crevices. Its theorized the sudden appearance of so many may have something to do with the arctic's rapidly eroding glaciers.

No one knows what purpose each dragon's specific rune or stave serves, but each has a different specific meaning. This one specifically sports a stave of unchaining, of lock-breaking and so we've just been calling them Lockbreaker.

Each rune dragon is roughly 16" tall standing on all fours, and an impressive 38" long stretched out from nose to tail barb. Their primary wingspan is over 30", with their secondary set being a healthy 18". Standing on their hind legs they can reach heights of almost 2 ft.

Their heads, hands, feet, antlers and tail barb are all cast resin from our original sculpts. Each one is hand painted to match their body, sewn from faux fur, cotton blends and heavy duty felt. Rune dragons feature moving jaws, translucent antlers & tail barbs, and four separate wings all of which can be posed individually without the use of wire. They can be posed in any number of ways, and are durable enough to pose and repose for years.

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