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Sneks run anywhere from 22" to 24" depending on fur lengths, and are fully poseable. Their flexibility means they can wrap around a bag strap, be worn as a scarf (mind those horns though), sit coiled up to hold your phone, even hang from a light fixture if you want 'em to.

Their heads are cast resin from our original sculpts, and hand painted to match their faux fur bodies.
This listing features all three species:
Sneaks (mammalian, with a central horn)
Crocs (reptilian, heavily scaled with many horns)
and Frilled (aquatic with bony plating like a sea horse)

Sneaks are easily as excitable as they are cute. There's certainly a particularly ferrety sort of charm to their pointy little faces, although they have a tendency to twist themselves into knots when they're over-wrought more extensively than I've ever seen an actual ferret manage. Sneaks are best suited for those willing to deal with high energy levels!

Crocs are generally more reserved, and have a tendency to be difficult to work with, unless you can earn their trust. If you can manage that they make incredibly loyal companions (but can also be as stubborn as mules!). They have chill energy level, and are happy to hang out with you while you work, or curl up in a lap while you watch movies.

If you're looking for a kinder, gentler variety of familiar consider the frilled snek! Their large bony head frills and scaly skin seem at odds with their soft dispositions. Easily startled, frilled sneks tend to bond with a single handler and can become quite clingy if not properly socialized.

Available Colours:
Magic - Purple/Teal/Violet
Tropical - Orange/Blue/Coral
Frosted Lavender - White tipped lavender/Purple/White
Ember - Black/Gold/Black tipped Crimson
Tinsel Blue - Extra-long Blue w/silver tinsel/White
Tinsel Magenta - Extra-long Magenta w/pink tinsel/Pink
Spring - Cream/Green/Tan
Rainbow Sorbet - Blue/Pink/Purple/Lemon

As always, each one is handmade from snoot to tail tip and as a result no two are ever exactly alike. Please note that base shipping does not include tracking. If you would like to upgrade to tracked shipping, please email us with your order number at wormsandbones@gmail.com. Sneks ship free in Canada. :)

Due to the pandemic, shipping can taking 2-3 weeks longer than usual in some cases. This is completely beyond our control, but we don't want anyone to be disappointed by being unaware of the slow downs. Please ensure before purchasing you're willing to wait a little longer than average.

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