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What's a snek? That's a snek!

Sneks are a bit like the wurms of European mythology in that they're draconic and serpentine at the same time. Each snek is between 20.5" and 22" long (some furs are longer, and thus add a little length), and hand sewn using a variety of vegan friendly faux furs. Their wings are soft felt, and their heads are resin casts from our original sculpts. Each face is hand-painted, and no two are ever exactly alike.

They're armatured with ball and socket joints that make them extremely flexible, and able to hold a pose with ease. AND, because their armature is plastic, and their faces are resin they're super durable!
They can be stretched out, balanced upright or coiled into a tight ball and they're perfect for curling around your neck, your arm, or the strap of a bag, purse... or just about anything else you can think of. They make great cosplay or fursuit friends!

This listing is for one of two: the sneak snek, in an eye-bleeding rainbow drip colour scheme, or the frilled in a complex green, cream & pastel pink.

Your snek can be on its way in five to seven business days. Please note, shipping does not include tracking, and sneks ship free within Canada.

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