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Tea Monsters (Foo)

$65.00 / Sold Out

Tea monsters are the diminutive cousin of the snek. At roughly a foot long, with a ball and socket spine that lets them bend in any direction, they're just the right length to curl around your wrist, or a bag strap.

This variety we call foo teas! Much less tricky than their sand cousins, the foos tend to bond closely with a single person, but are generally good natured toward everyone. Did we mention they're lucky? That's the rumour anyway!

Each face cast in durable resin from our original sculpt, then hand painted and sealed. Their fuzzy little bodies are sewn from faux fur, and they're 100% vegan friendly.

This listing is blindbag, meaning you won't know which tea you're getting until it arrives. You can if you choose, add a preference either for naturals or colours and we will do our best with what's available. Please do not ask for a specific tea.

Base shipping does not include tracking, but tracking can be added for an additional cost by emailing us with your order number at wormsandbones@gmail.com. Tea monsters ship free in Canada.

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