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Sand Tea-Monsters

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Tea monsters are the diminutive cousin of the snek. At roughly a foot long, with a ball and socket spine that lets them bend in any direction, they're just the right length to curl around your wrist, or a bag strap.

This variety, the foo, is the most pleasant of the lot. They prefer long afternoon naps, bubble tea and are fans of neither excitement nor loud noises. In noisy households, they tend toward nesting and you may well find them curled up in a cupboard inside your favorite mug, or nestled between the stacked towels in a linen closet. Providing a den of sorts is recommended (kleenex boxes work a treat). Contented foos are considered to bring their owners good luck!

Each face cast in durable resin from our original sculpt, then hand painted and sealed. Their fuzzy little bodies are sewn from faux fur, and they're 100% vegan friendly.

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