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Tinker Golems

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As with any job, there are often tasks which we are... somewhat less than excited to do. The menial bits, which tend to be mind-numbingly boring, and time consuming both for instance, not to mention all the tidying up required to hold back the tide of studio entropy.

Wouldn't it be great, we said one night, if we had someone else to do the lousy jobs? And so, with that (and a few extra cups of tea/coffee) we set about making ourselves a couple of service golems. There's a bit of tricky magic in there with the summoning (its not enough just to make the body of the golem, you've gotta get a spirit in there). We caught this one using bent safety pins, some old throat lozenges I found between the car seats and a tub of cool whip.
I can't say enough about this guy's work ethic though!

The tinker golem is roughly 27" long, with an armspan around 15", and stands about 13" tall.
Their long tails are perfect for wrapping around your neck, a bag-strap, or cosplay weapon, and coiled up like a spring they can stand upright on em too. Their claws and head are cast resin from our original sculpts, hand painted and sealed, then assembled using ball and socket joints that given em a wide range of pose-ability without the worry of wire fatigue.

This listing includes two:
Copper Verdigris (copper with a green patina, grey tail)
Rust Iron (rusted iron, pink tail)

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