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Vampire Bats

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While our original bats are cute, we wanted one with a lil more... attitude, and a vampire bat was just the natural choice! We've been callin' em Lazlos, since the vibe is right.

They're quite a bit larger than our regular bats (approx. 18" wingspan, and 7.5" from eartip to tail), with full articulation from wingtip to wingtip, and snout to tail. For added softness, their wings are minky, double stitched with a contrasting finger colour on the inside.Their bodies are a combination of faux furs, and their neck ruff hides a small elastic loop should you wanna pin 'em to a bag or the shoulder of your cloak.
Their heads are cast resin from our original sculpt, that we hand paint to match their fuzzy lil body.

As lazlos are handmade, no two are exactly alike.

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