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Vulture Gryphon

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Our first sponsored design is complete! A huge thank you to our patrons for suggesting the idea!

These three are the first vulture gryphons of many to come! Their body is both larger, and slightly differently proportioned to our classic gryphon, with a longer tail & neck, and more angular wings with longer more pointed primaries. Their moving jaw allows 'em to hold small objects, assume the bird-appropriate scream pose, or pinch people you don't like. Just kidding, they can pinch people you do like too.

They're fully articulate, and can sit, stand, lie down, vogue, or whatever else you can imagine as well as fold their wings up or stretch 'em out to sunbathe. Their heads and feet are cast resin from our original sculpts, hand painted to match their faur fur bodies and sealed for durability.
Vulture gryphons come in at an impressive 31" long from snoot to tail puff, with a 23.5" wingspan. They stand approximately 8.5" at the shoulder on all fours, or about 12" from their head to the ground. As always, vulture gryphons are handmade and no two are ever exactly alike.

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