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Werewolf - Resin Blank Order

$35.00 / Sold Out

Its probably no surprise that we're both big werewolf nerds, so it wasn't a tough choice subject-wise when we decided we wanted to do a small scale solid sculpt.

This guy is roughly 3.75" tall, and around 2.25" wide at the base. He's got a lot of very minute detailing, from his wee little nose pad, to his tiny fingers and lots of fur in between. This sculpt has been designed to be painted, and the casts will work perfectly with acrylic or enamels. We recommend giving your werewolf a quick bath using water and dish soap before painting to remove any lingering mold release.

Blanks cast colour options include: ivory, light grey, & dark grey. Shipping does not include tracking, and werewolves ship free within Canada.

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