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Winter Wolves

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Wolves were I think one of the critters we made in our first year with art dolls - we've come a long way since, and wanted to revisit the idea with updated sculpts, a complex pattern and better engineering. We're quite happy with the result!

The new wolf is roughly 20" long from nose to tail, and about half that in height, paws to ear tips. They can sit, stand majestically (that Balto scene is forever etched in both our memories), lay down, roll over, and stand on their hind legs using their tail as a balance.

Their heads & paws are cast from our original sculpts, then hand painted to match their faux fur bodies, and assembled using ball and socket armature that gives them a realistic range of movement without the breakage of wire.
As each homemade horror is handmade, no two are ever exactly alike.

This pack has a midwinter theme, and includes;
Sugarplum (purples & creams)
Sugar Cookie (tan & creams)
Evergreen (greens & whites)
Nanimo Bar (chocolate, brown & custard)

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