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Do you have a high tolerance for thievery, wanton destruction of property and the sort of high pitched chirruping that makes you think a car alarm is going off inside your house? Congratulations, you're among the perilously petite percentage of people for whom Yips would make a good pet. Sure, they're cute, in a kind of 'you could grate cheese on its head' sort of way (a small bonus, they have a lotta teeth but most of 'em don't meet, so the worst they can do is give you an angry pinching), but why so many toes? If there's a reason, we haven't found it. Just more claws to clip (good luck catching them for that btw. Maybe use a net.).

Yips are roughly 16" long, and about 6" tall at the shoulder on all fours, or 10" tall while sitting up like a larcenous little meerkat. Their head and feet are cast resin from our original sculpts, hand painted and sewn using veggie friendly faux fur, minkie & felt. Each one is assembled for a realistic range of movement; they can sit, lie down, curl up, stand on 2 or 4 legs, and whatever else you can imagine (maybe not headstand, just saying).

These are our debut Yips! They will also be available for custom order when new waitlist slots open up - check our social media for openings.

Please note that in order to keep shipping costs down, shipping does NOT include tracking. Tracking can be added for an extra cost; please email us with your order number for this option. Yips ship free inside Canada.

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