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Lavender Lynch

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So named for the strange style with which they hunt, the long-tailed Lynch is most at home in mountainous regions. A medium-sized but extremely agile dragon, juvenile Lynches hunt primarily in packs becoming solitary once mature.

The mature Lynch uses a combination of brush and an exceptionally sticky saliva to create snares capable of catching prey as large as a bull elk. Male Lynches use their salivary glands to create immense decorative webs in order to attract mates and warn off rivals. Though they are not known to be particularly aggressive, its likely just as wise not to go wandering into a Lynch's lair.

Their long fingers and dexterous wings make them proficient climbers, though in flight they are considered a species with low endurance, preferring to take to wing only for short periods of time.

This Lynch is done in a lavender & ivory colour scheme, with a soft mauve side fur and a shining ivory scaled underside. Lynches feature fully articulated wings complete with thumb, capable of stretching up, out, curling around themselves or tucking back.They can even grip with their wing-thumbs! Their head, hands and feet are cast resin from our original sculpts, hand painted to match their body.
Lynches also feature one heck of a tail.... more than long enough to hang from.

As always, they're designed for a realistic range of motion without the use of easily-broken wire. They're joints give them the ability to do just about anything you can think of (yes, they can balance on their tail too), and they hold a pose beautifully.

At roughly 2' 4" long, with a 2' wingspan, and standing approximately 7" tall on all fours, Lynches cut an impressive figure!
As always, homemade horrors are handmade and as such no two are ever exactly alike. This regal beast can be on their way in five to seven business days. Please note that shipping does not include tracking, please email us to ask about tracked shipping.

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