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This is the first time we've offered a sphynx online, and only the fourth and fifth we've ever made. Sphynxes are just a hair under 2ft. long from nose to tail, with an 18" wingspan, and stand roughly 8" tall at the shoulder.

They're handmade from front to back, using vegan friendly faux fur and acrylic felt with cast resin faces & paws from our original sculpts. Each one is hand painted, and full articulated using ball and socket joints that give it a realistic range of poseability and durability to boot.
Each Sphynx comes with their own accoutrements, including jewelry & a riddle in a tiny corked vial around their neck.

Sphynxes ship free inside Canada. Please note that in an effort to keep shipping costs down, shipping does not include tracking. They can be upgraded to tracked shipping for an additional cost. Please email us for this option.

Please ensure you have read our Terms of Service and FAQ before ordering!