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I will be the first to admit, sometimes the studio gets a little messy. Between the drifting piles of faux fur, resin chips (they're worse to step on than lego) and discarded painting rags, things can get a little cluttered. Which, is probably why we didn't notice that my three-foot spider pal Tuna, was carrying something around.

I'm all for motherhood, but a family of very large, very fuzzy, very inquisitive spiders in the office has not helped productivity. Did I mention Bones is arachnophobic?

These hairy little babies are roughly 14" across, and are fully articulated. As always there's no wire in them, and their ball and socket joints give them a realistic range of movement. They can hold small objects, wave hello, steal your craft supplies, climb up shelves and hang off your light fixtures if you let 'em. (I have no idea how you train a spider, so good luck with that.)
Their heads are cast resin from our original sculpt, hand painted and sealed to match their faux fur jammies (I mean bodies... they just look like they're wearing jammies).

As always, homemade horrors are handmade, so no two are ever exactly alike. One of these leggy boys can be on its way in five to seven business days. Please note that shipping does not include tracking.
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